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Consultant: Jeremy Shinewald

I used Jeremy to apply to 5 programs and was extremely happy with the service i received throughout the entire process. Beyond Jeremy's professionalism, what impressed me most was his responsiveness and his ability to guide me throughout my essay writing and help me best convey my personality despite not having met me in person even once. Jeremy took the time to understand "my story" and by the end of the process, I truly felt like Jeremy had been a friend of mine for years. It felt like Jeremy was just as invested as I was which made the process that much easier.

Jeremy helped me create a timeline in which I could effectively manage my time and submit my applications to each school, which helped alleviate any stress about getting my applications in on time.

Jeremy's intimate knowledge of the school's programs helped me cater my essays to more of what they're looking for and I can say with certainty that I would have gone a completely different direction without his guidance. Finally, I appreciated that Jeremy was blunt and realistic and helped set proper expectations. Moreover, Jeremy is just a genuine and good guy. These factors made him easy to trust and it ultimately helped position my essays to be as good as they possibly could have been.

Jeremy made himself extremely available, from essay writing to interview prep, and undoubtedly added value in every step along the way. I could not have asked for a better consultant.

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