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March 07 | 2018
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Consultant: Jessica Shklar

I chose Jessica because, after phone calls with several other consultants from other companies, she—easily—made the best use of the time on the call and had the strongest impact. I was really impressed and inspired and felt confident that she was someone who would provide the most value added. She did not disappoint and was consistently helpful throughout the contract. Even though I was rejected from all seven schools (the most selective, was waitlisted with one of them) that I worked on with her, I would still highly recommend her services, as I was able to take the application materials that I worked on with her feedback, and leverage them successfully for multiple other selective schools. Jessica is professional, gives you honest, experienced, and objective feedback and I believe that her services helped me get accepted to a top choice of mine and with excellent scholarship opportunities at multiple schools. If you have the money, Jessica can help keep the application stress to a minimum which will help keep your work performance and relationships (because of less stress) healthy. Working with her and mbaMission provides a structure that will help you balance work, applications, volunteer work, and your social life. Jessica was always quick to respond to questions and was reliably committed to the two business day turnaround in mbaMission’s contract. Jessica is an intelligent and experienced professional and was a strong asset to have on my team when it came to putting forth the best version of my self during the application process. In hindsight, partnering with Jessica made my application process more deeply introspective, objective, fun, memorable, and meaningful.

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