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Consultant: Liza Weale

I did the full school packages with Liza for my round 2 applications to HBS and GSB. I am very grateful to have been admitted to both schools (and was admitted to Wharton with a generous merit scholarship leveraging material from the other two applications). I truly could not have done it without Liza.
Though I come from what’s probably a more favorable background (top Ivy undergrad, 3.8 GPA in STEM, 760 GMAT, untraditional career experience – banking/PE/startup) – if those exist in this process – my story would not have come together had it not been for Liza. I cannot speak more highly of her and the trust she enabled us to build during our time working together. Liza displays a rare combination of attributes that may seem contradictory: the ability to provide both high-level and in-the-weeds guidance; the propensity for both professionalism and genuine kindness towards her clients.
Liza has the shrewd ability to cut through all the noise and weave together key themes in your life that you yourself were not even aware of to get to an essay topic. Liza really got to know me during the brainstorming process and I grew to trust her so that we could discuss the most personal of topics. Her help doesn’t stop at idea conception – she provided invaluable structural, grammatical, and aesthetic input during the entire essay writing process. I can’t count the number of times she posited something so insightful that I could only respond “Wow, you know me better than I know myself!”
Equally as important, Liza actually made the entire process fun (or at least not painful!). A few months in, I had a self-imposed mini freakout about my essay topics that almost derailed the writing process. Instead of getting upset that I was costing her more time or just brushing it aside, Liza genuinely cared about why I was feeling insecure and tried to address the root of the problem. Both her strength and care for me helped guide me back on track. It truly feels like she’s a supporter and rock to lean on throughout the process – from the “good luck!!” emails she’d send before interview and decision notifications to debriefing with her after every major step of the way.
All in all, I cannot imagine a better person to work with through what’s an intellectually and emotionally draining process, and I think many people including myself can truly attribute their success to Liza.

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