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Consultant: Liza Weale

Background: Asian American male, undergrad business school, finance / M&A post-college, 740 GMAT

Just as I started to set out on the daunting bschool process, Liza immediately put me at ease. I spoke to 4-5 potential coaches, and Liza stood out to me for coming into that conversation with clear ideas about my candidacy and my story, and she spoke with the authority and experience she has. I just felt like she "got it." As we started formally working together, she continued to wow me.

She was not only instrumental in helping me shape a tight story for my MBA candidacy, but also in providing the "guard rails" for me as I undertook writing my essays, seeming to always know what needed more explanation, what we could cut out, and how my writing would come across in the eyes of adcoms. She was my trusted advisor and 2nd set of eyes on everything, and I felt like I was able to put a TON of trust in her throughout my process.

Throughout it all, Liza was sharp, responsive, and most of all, genuinely a pleasure to talk to. I left all my phone calls with her at ease and confident in tackling my next essay, resume, etc.

I'll be starting at Kellogg this fall lucky enough to have gotten a sizable scholarship on the merits of my application - something that I have no doubt that Liza's amazing guidance was instrumental in helping me get.

I couldn't have better things to say about Liza. I'd happily recommend her to anyone out there about to start their bschool app process. Go Liza!

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