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I found the support I received from Critical Square to be invaluable in my MBA applications. When I first spoke to Bhavik and the team I was feeling daunted, if not overwhelmed, by the process. I knew that I wanted to study an MBA and had the right credentials but didn't really know how to go about deciding where to apply much less what it would actually involve. The plethora of sites giving advice online only made my confusion and anxiety worse.

It was a great relief to speak to someone who had been through the process many times before and was able to give direct and candid advice as well as reassurance when I needed it. We discussed my options and the criteria that are important when considering which business schools to apply to and came up with a list that would help me with my post-MBA goals. We chose a mix of programs and I didn’t feel like I was being advised to apply to safer programs. We made sure we included stretch programs – as they put it, “You only do this once. If you don’t apply, you’ll never know!” This pattern of helpful and practical support continued throughout the application process from how to choose the right recommenders to knowing what to expect from my interviews and stood me in good stead throughout.

Things have worked out even better than I had hoped! I was accepted into all the schools to which I applied and I am currently deciding whether to attend Berkeley Haas (my top choice) or Michigan Ross where I have been offered a full scholarship. To say I am delighted by this outcome is an understatement!

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