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MPOWER helped me get my MBA
October 26 | 2018
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It's not just the GMAT and the grueling application process. The major roadblock for any international student coming for an US education is the funding. For me, Indian banks weren't an option because of their limited funding and collateral-based approach. Prodigy Finance agreed to fund half of what I needed and asked me to show the rest in "non-debt" funds! Although I didn't know much about MPOWER at that time, a quick google search took me to their homepage and they approved my requested loan amount within 5 days of application. I can't thank the MPOWER team enough for what they did when almost all other doors for funding were closed.

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Created by ylalani

October 30, 2018

Thanks for your feedback and review - we appreciate it and we're happy to have helped fund your education!
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