September 06, 2016

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790 Q51 V51

Perfect Score


Okay, not quite prefect: 790 (Q:51, V:51, IR:8, AWA:6).

I accomplished this in one try by completely giving myself over to the MGMAT system. I read (practically memorized) every book (for quant, I only skimmed verbal) and problem. Took every practice test. Redid every problem I got wrong multiple times.

I started from a relatively low base of knowledge (I had somehow never encountered prime factorization), but the MGMAT system got me up to speed. This took 3 months of weekend and social life killing study, but it worked. (Note: I only used the books, did not take the class.)

Yes, the practice tests are harder than the real thing, but think of it as resistance training. By the time you get to the game, it's easy. On my first MGMAT practice test I got 640. I never scored higher than 730 on the MGMAT practice test. But the actual test was a breeze - it was the first time I had ever finished the IR section (I took 9 practice tests, and never finished IR) and finished quant with 3 minutes to spare.

I absolutely could not have gotten the score I did, in the time I had available, without MGMAT. In particular, their test-taking strategy tips in the advanced quant book are invaluable. I cannot recommend their system and services more highly.

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