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Manhattan Prep CATs are Excellent


To start, I want to be very clear: The Manhattan Prep CATs are excellent. While the Quant is much harder and more verbose than what you will find on your GMAT, it prepares you more than adequately. I found that when I took CATs from the actual GMAT website, the quant seemed easy by comparison. I took all 6 CATs... The first test I took? I scored a 500.

I thought I was done for. I was a 3.9 Phi Beta Kappa student at a top 30 school and here I was, blowing it on the one test that matters. But I kept focused and really leveraged those detailed score analyses. This breaks down your strengths and weakness by topic. Couple that with a detailed answer guide and you'll be able to sort through your mistakes incredibly thoroughly.

Test after test (matched with intense self study and the 9 week course) and I saw a little improvement test to test. 500 to 520, then 580 to 630, and finally 640 to 700. Now, I felt good going into the test but with that range, I thought I would score between 580 and 650. BUT, those Manhattan CATs prepared me so much, the test felt like a breeze. When I hit "show scores" I felt good. Sure enough, that 710 popped up on the screen and I knew I had Manhattan Prep to thank. Highly highly recommend their material across the board. For non-native english speakers, the verbal is very easy to follow and for people with a good grasp of grammar and english, their break down on how to tackle CR and RC is super helpful.

So if you feel good going in with self study, the book set and CATS are definitely worth it. If you want to combine your study with some teacher/classroom help, my 9 week online course with Birdwell was amazing and helpful.

Thank you MGMAT!

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