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November 09 | 2016
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     By AbhijitGoswami 30 6

I stared using Manhattan material to boost my English specially SC being a non native speaker. Each topic is explained so well with examples that after couple of weeks you start analyzing the sentences (set of rules) when you read any articles, newspaper,etc. All the important topics are covered in SC guide. Always try to cover a topic from SC Guide and then solve the SC questions from GMAT club. You can also download the app from App store and read them. You will find different types of problem e.g. easy medium and hard problems, which really helps you to boost your confidence.. All the concepts and tricks are well explained. Test series are well balanced I found quant bit lengthy. If you are non native speaker I think Manhattan is the best material to start with. Quant materials are really helpful to build your concepts.
All the Best. Cheers!!!

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