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Manhattan GMAT CATs


I decided to try these tests and the best way was not to buy the tests directly but to buy one of the Manhatten GMAT book, which gives the test for free.

Well I can definitely say that the quant section of the Tests was difficult and once you take the test and the analyze the answers you will definitely learn a lot of new funda that might come useful in real test, but the difficulty level and the test algorithm is way above the real GMAT exam's standard.

Coming to the Verbal section, the question and logic of the CR section was not good enough, the SC section was kind of OK to learn some concepts. The most positive section of the test in Verbal was the RC section, this is what was really eye opening experience for me. The RC passages and questions especially the inference ones were very very good and pulls your attention to the critical mindset that is needed to take GMAT.

Overall I would say , if someone wants to just feel the heat of the GMAT exam experience and then later wants to analyse each test and its answers then Manhattan GMAT CATs are helpful. But if you judge your real GMAT capabilities with the results of these tests it will be little off target on your part.

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