November 03, 2013

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Course The Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep

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I used the GMAT Tutor Complete Package to prepare for the GMAT and found it to be very good preparation for the test. My results on the real GMAT were 49 quant, 45 verbal and 8 IR. Here are the three things that were strengths of this online course.

First, it was excellent preparation for the format and timing of the real exam. The course is computer-based and adaptive, just like the GMAT, so it’s much better practice than studying using books or a non-adaptive website. When I took the live GMAT, my timing and pacing were just right thanks to the way the program forced me to hone my time management skills. I was able to work through the real exam calmly and methodically because I had had so much realistic practice. The real exam was automatic for me.

Second, the quant part of the course was very effective for me. I studied engineering, but it had been years since I’d taken a course or test and the course presented all of the math topics for me to revise. After working through the explanations of, for example, rate problems, I then had the chance to work exam-type problems increasing in difficulty as I proved I could do the easier ones. I never had to spend much time doing easy problems and was able to quickly move onto doing lots of practice at the right level for me. The quant problems were very similar to the level and type of problems I got on the real GMAT.

Finally, I thought the progress chart and score forecaster were very motivating. I enjoyed seeing my progress line increase week on week. The score forecaster was introduced later in the course for me (perhaps they just rolled it out). The score forecaster was very accurate for me. It predicted my GMAT score as 750-760 and I got 760 on the live GMAT.

I don’t think the Reading Comprehension was as good as the other components. In the program, you read a passage and then answer a single question, unlike the real exam, which presents a passage followed by about 4 questions. I mentioned this to the customer service and they were not defensive at all – they said they knew about this and were going to change the RC I believe. The SC and CR practice was very good.

I was definitely impressed by the course, especially the adaptive nature of it and the way it zeroed in on problems at the right level of difficulty for me at each point of the course. It’s easily the best online study tool I’ve come across.

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