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I used Economist to boost my verbal score through sentence correction. It was very helpful. I ultimately scored V48.

I am a native English speaker and do a lot of proofreading for work. So with minimal studying, my Verbal scores were already around 44. However, I was having trouble getting to the next level.

Many people recommend MGMAT book for SC. I actually think economist is better for native speakers. The economist user experience gives you really quick feedback on your work and easy-to-digest lessons, without diving into many of the technical grammar terms that are not useful for people that grew up speaking English. Instead, the Economist teaches a set of "stop signs" that cue you into the warning signs of a sentence. This method worked for me. (In addition, I drilled SC questions on my own from the OG.)

I wish the Economist would sell the SC section on its own. It's very good. However, I think their quant section is designed a bit more for people that are trying to break high 600s or low 700s rather than gain a really top score. I used Target Test Prep for their quant section, because they go very in-depth on the math material. In contrast, the Economist quant is more focused on a "good enough" review of the math and then teaches you hacks and tips that can get you to a good score quickly rather than a great score a bit more slowly.

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