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Hello everybody,

So it's been a while since I did GMAT-related stuff (a few years out of college) and the course, and esp. the PAL system, was really a breath of fresh air.

Not only did I brush off all the rust from what I had learned but forgotten, I also found the different solution approaches extremely helpful in building up my personal repertoire. My personal advice - read all the solutions they give you and not just the recommended one, take the time to look at the different solution tools and ask yourself 'how could I solve the problem using that tool?'.

Also worth noting is that the support was great; I had a few very fun arguments with the staff about some of the questions (they were very responsive), which made it feel much more like a private-class-on-demand than a do-it-yourself sort of thing.

Anyways, strong recommend from me but make sure you use all of what they give you and be sure to put in your own thinking time!

Best of luck :)

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