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Solid GMAT prep course, great for self-paced learners

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Course The Economist GMAT Tutor Premium Prep

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The Economist GMAT tutor was exactly what I needed in an online prep course. There is lots of flexibility in the course, from the order in which you tackle topics (given those topics don't have prerequisite material) to the speed at which you advance through lessons. I didn't want to do a course with videos, because some lessons I knew would take me longer to learn, while others I already knew and wanted to skip through. The Economist gave me this freedom with clickable, interactive lessons and the ability to "ask a tutor" anytime I wanted extra explanation.

This is also a great course for those who can't dedicate all their time to studying. I was studying for the GMAT while completing an internship, and this course was helpful in breaking things down to daily goals and targets for me to hit. The app was also a huge help in studying on the go. I would practice the verbal section in the metro on my way to and from work. (You can also practice the quant section in the app, but I found this less practical since it usually required paper and pen.)

The main criticism I have is about the "practice" options. Sometimes, I wanted to practice general topics like ratios or sentence correction. While you could opt to practice specific lessons within a topic like "ratio changes through addition or subtraction", you could not practice "ratios" as a general concept unless the algorithm suggested it. The algorithm was generally useful and targeted weak areas of mine, but there were points leading up to my test when it wasn't suggesting I study exactly what I wanted to study. This was not a deal breaker for me, and I would get around this by practicing each individual ratio lesson, but it is something that could have been improved.

Overall, the course was very helpful and allowed me to increase my score from good to great. The self-paced aspect of the course and many features (video tutor sessions, ask a tutor, etc.) I think would make the course a great fit for a variety of students!

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