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Course The Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep

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I can say that this was the course I started my preparation with was one of the worst decisions I ever made. The course did not work for the following reasons :

- The verbal section is kind of a joke. The quality of the questions and the format in which they are taught is just not compatible with the actual test.
- In the RC section the software forces you to follow a rigid approach and which is a big drawback for anyone who is a non native. Moreover the course will not progress ahead until you complete the RC questions i.e. you will not see any SC or CR questions until you forcefully answer the RC questions correctly. This is just not what one wants during the preparation
- The revision of important concepts on this platform is just IMPOSSIBLE as you cannot go back to revise important topics.
- In quant section some of the problems are taught in a way that they ask you to learn the answers rather than explaining the approach.
- The tutors on this course are of inferior quality and most are contracted workers who are more interested in getting the hour billed and interested in the fact that you book more hours with them in future rather than focussing on clearing the doubts of the students.

Please look elsewhere you will do yourself a great service.

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