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Couldn't have done it without it!


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Course The Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep

Location Online

- provides you with easy to use, understandable frameworks tailored for the kind of problem you are facing. They really help to reduce the time solve each problem
- if you get a problem wrong, you will have to face this problem again, effectively making sure that you have understood the theory behind it, and not just read through the solution.
- the app was easy to use and provided on the go support
- on the web version the program provided daily objectives that helped a lot in following the study program.
- AWA correction service was very helpful
- test simulation were pretty realistc

- the app didn't have all the features of the online version and could be improved
- I didn't find the tutoring sessions very helpful (that's why I used only one)
- I think that a metric that shows your weakest areas, your improvements over time would have been helpful
- after you are done with a topic you can't review it again, only a synthesis will be available
- daily study objectives are pretty standard each day and should have been more tailored

I want to point out that the cons are very minor and do not detract from the overall usefulness of the course.

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