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July 06 | 2017
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I loved my time at Tippie, but the critiques made in the other reviews are certainly salient, namely: must be a self-starter, small network, and lack of brand recognition.

Additionally, some on staff - especially in the career services arena don't seem to do as much. Now this could be strictly perception, but sometimes that matters just as much as reality. Whether true or not, it seems like career services sort of waits for opportunities to come to them, rather than go out and get them. Moreover, they seem to be content with the challenges facing internationals, rather than thinking of ways to overcome the obstacles. They also give the same cookie cutter advice that does not necessarily apply to everyone (i.e., network, LinkedIn, etc.) - yes this is part of the story, but there are other avenues to opportunity creation. Definitely a need for higher effort and innovation in the career services realm.

Student services staff are great and accessible. No problems there.

At the very top (think dean level) , again, similar to career services, I'm not sure the drive and strategic thinking is there. It could be, but it isn't very apparent if it is.

All that said, IT DOES GO BOTH WAYS. It's not a coincidence that the students that complain the most or have the least success also put in the least effort in regards to job search and ideal placement. Especially on the domestic front, a student that is aggressive and strategic, will get anywhere from a good to a great job. On the international front, it is a bit less distinctive. Unfortunately, there are some that do everything right and still struggle to land a good gig. However, again, there are many that don't put in a ton of effort (especially on the networking side) and are disgruntled, without recognizing their own fault in this regard.

I think if admissions could focus more on letting students in that are very much go-getters and personable/affable candidates, rather than hard numbers only (i.e., gpa and gmat), it would lead to a better outcome - both for the students and the program.

Overall: very sweet deal for domestics, potential to be a sweet one for internationals but the odds are unfavorable. Great education and great college town. Amazing classmates and friends.

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Most professors are genuine and elite. Educationally, hard to get a better deal than Tippie.

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