November 07, 2021

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Quants was Great but Verbal felt short


I have used their guides and can say that Quants was challenging but great for those who wanna level up their game after learning everything from foundation to beginner level. Stats and Combinatorics have large sets of questions which you won't find it in any other prep company guides. Also their Data Sufficiency was helpful to boost my confidence to solve DS questions. Rest all guides have so many questions that it will take you atleast a month to complete every quants book.

But on the otherwise, I felt verbal lack some content especially SC and CR. RC had very less passages (you might be done with RC guide in 4-5 days if you solve 4 passages regularly). I will suggest you to stick with OG guide for Verbal questions.

Nevertheless, Quants and Verbal are not much useful if you don't watch their video (which is available in Veritas Prep app for free of cost for every guide).

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