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VeritasPrep course played very serious role in my preparation. I realized how this test works, what skills do i need to aquire or develop more, time management during preparation and actual test.

Our instructor Robert is very clever, experienced and funny guy. He knows every aspect he teaches, provided aswers on all questions our group has. Robert always remind us that we should never give up, the more we have mistakes, the more experienced we become. He provided us we real life examples, in order to better explain us a particular strategy or solution. If i had time, i would without doubt take further individual classes with him.

I found course material very structured and useful. VeritasPrep did a good job in separating GMAT into several topics, after reading each book, you realize that you have almost all strategies, information, and tricks for successful GMAT taker.

Location was Grand Hayyat Hotel, in Manhattan, NY. Rooms were very convenient, clean, big, and provided with all necessary materials (papers, pen, water, board)

Overall I would recommend to every business student take VeritasPrep course.

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