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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: DC Area, DC USA

I knew from the first class that Veritas was going to be worth my time and money and I was not disappointed. The course breaks down the different GMAT sections into major sub-topics and gives you techniques to solve every type of question in a timely manner. I know that I would not have figured most of these out on my own.

My instructor, Anthony, was an expert on the subject and, more importantly, could convey it succinctly and in a manner that made it very easy to pick up. He kept the classes interesting; it never seemed like a trial to sit through the seven hours on Saturday, and he even made himself available to answer questions after the course had finished. As a professional teacher myself, I consider his abilities to be top of the line.

Although the instruction was the centerpiece of the course, the additional materials also made a huge difference. The hundreds of questions in each book and the many practice tests and performance trackers on the website were key to getting in the necessary ‘reps’. By the time I actually took the GMAT I felt completely comfortable with the types of questions on it, the curves used to throw you off, and the time constraints.

I would recommend Veritas and Anthony to anybody who is serious about doing well on the GMAT. If I had not gotten the score I wanted the first time through, I would have instantly gone through their course again to further improve. But that wasn't necessary. Once was plenty.

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