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Choosing to take the VERITAS Prep GMAT Course was totally the right decision! I cannot say enough positive about the VERITAS Prep ADVANTAGE! By taking their GMAT course I feel much more empowered to do well than I could have thought imaginable!

The decision actually began by reading this fabulous book called, "Your MBA Game Plan," by Omari Bouknight and Scott Shrum who, as per their book, are also directors for VERTIAS Prep! … and the experience with VERITAS continued improving from there.

The course materials are fantastic! They are clearly written for all to understand and touch on the elementary topics needed for the test plus the ins and outs of navigating through the exam experience. The online practice and diagnostic tests help to refine your skills and get the timing down to an art form! The supplementary “On Demand Lessons” are very easy to follow and are interactive modules that adapt to your learning speed. Put simply, VERITAS arms you with all the tools needed and then some. In addition if you have questions while using their on-line system, support is right there to assist!

And to top the experience off the instructor, Rob Stringham, was PHENOMENAL!!!! He interactively stayed connected with each student, no matter what their skill level, and brought the whole class together to improve each student’s ability to do well on the exam! He accomplished this with an unbelievable amount of energy and focus throughout the entire seven week class! I was really in awe of his teaching style! Rob was very knowledgeable, approachable, down to earth, and amenable to give whatever assistance you felt you may need to conquer this exam!


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