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Vertias Prep worth the cost
August 20 | 2012
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Washington, DC USA
Taught by: Eric Maltzer

If you are looking for a class that covers every aspect of the GMAT in depth, Veritas Prep should be at the top of your list. Yes the class is expensive but the material presented is worth every penny. It is not
enough to simply know what information is covered on the GMAT. You need to know strategies for
answering each different type of question and Veritas Prep will give you those strategies.

Veritas has excellent material but the real difference maker for me was the instructor. The instructor in
my Veritas Prep class was Eric Maltzer and he was phenomenal. The classes ran late into the evening
(7pm-10pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays but he did an excellent job presenting the material with energy
and insight. Eric was well prepared for each class and made a good effort to get to know each student. I
had one, sit-down, one-on-one discussion with him but others in my class had two or even three of
these discussions. He made himself available outside of class hours and even after the class was
complete. About 4 weeks after the classes ended I emailed Eric a question about the GMAT and he
responded the same day. He truly cares and wants to see each person he instructs perform well. Like I
said earlier, it isn't enough to simply know the material for the GMAT you need to me mentally agile and creative in how you solve GMAT problems and that's what Eric taught us.

Veritas is good at explaining a section then giving the class a couple of problems to solve. These
problems allow students to apply new knowledge and ask questions. Doing a couple of problems right
away helped the information sink in more for me.
My starting score on 25 May was 580 (38Q, 29V, determined through a Veritas GMAT exam).

Immediately after the class finished my score was 600 and I had done almost no studying beyond sitting through class. I know a 20-point jump isn't much but my verbal (weakest part of the test for me) went from a 29 to a 35 simply by sitting through class. Three days before I took the GMAT, I took my final practice test (again through a Veritas GMAT exam) and scored a 670 (40Q and 40V). I knew a score that high would get me into the program I wanted so I was completely relaxed going into the exam. I took the GMAT exam on 26 July and scored a 680 (46Q and 37V). I scored a 4.5 on the analytical writing. To Veritas’s credit they had excellent material on analytical writing and Eric gave an exceptional 90 minute class on writing. I simply chose not to focus my efforts on the writing portion and it showed. I received a 6 on the integrated reasoning section. Veritas had good material on the integrated reasoning section and Eric had taken a GMAT exam with the integrated reasoning about two weeks before the class ended so he had a lot of insight on that section. I felt my time was better spent focusing on the quantitative and verbal sections so that’s what I did. Overall my total score improved by 100 points from my first practice exam to the actual GMAT. Simply put, the results speak for themselves.

On 15 August 2012 I received my acceptance letter from the University of Michigan. That was my
ultimate goal and I truly believe Veritas Prep and specifically, Eric Maltzer were a big part of me being
accepted. I am now enrolled and starting classes on 5 September. If you need a high GMAT score to get
into a business program I highly recommend Veritas Prep. If you’re in the DC area, you should look up
Eric Maltzer.

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