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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: DC Area, DC USA
Taught by: Eric Maltzer

Taking a Veritas Prep GMAT course with Eric Maltzer is the best thing you can possibly do to fully prepare for the GMAT and achieve your highest possible score.

Veritas is the real deal when it comes to GMAT test prep. I was extremely impressed with the resources available to me. The books, problem sets and online lessons are all very useful tools, as are the 15 realistic practice CAT exams that are available.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, energetic, hilarious and caring teacher, Eric is your man. You will learn more about the GMAT exam and the test taking experience from Eric than from any book or website. The lessons and strategies that Eric teaches get results. You can tell Eric truly cares about each one of his students - he took the time both before and after each class to answer questions, meet with students, and coach us every step of the way. He did not have to spend so much time outside of class with us, but the fact that he did really proved how much he wanted us to succeed.

If you are looking for magic tricks and cheap guessing strategies, then Veritas is not for you. If you really want to understand the ins and outs of the exam, and how to answer every possible question that the GMAT can throw at you, then sign up for a Veritas Prep course and, if you can, request Eric Maltzer as your teacher. You will not be disappointed.

Good Luck!

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