GMAT Course Review
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Travis Morgan

I haven't taken the GMAT, and this will be my first time taking it, so I will come back and let you know how I did ;) However, I am thoroughly pleased with the class. It's intense - very fast paced - but that made it even more important to stay caught up, thus forcing you to study more and harder.

I took this class in Santa Monica, and it was M/W nights for 6 weeks. My instructor was Travis Morgan and he was simply amazing! 3 hours of class directly after a full work day is a tough time frame for me to productive, but Travis made it easy to be engaged. He taught each concept very thoroughly, took the time to go through any questions and made sure we all understood and was always available by email or otherwise to help out further with any skillbuilder/homework questions. He was hilarious and entertaining, which helped out quite a bit.
There were a number of classes in the area available within similar timeframes, and you were more than welcome to jump around as needed. Also available is a number of online resources, including online lectures in case you missed any - which I needed to use a few times.

It was an extremely helpful class, and I recommend the Veritas Prep Course, and more specifically Travis, to anyone who might be interested.

I plan on taking the GMAT by the end of January, so I will report back on my improvement from the pre-class practice test!

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