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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Cliff Smith

enrolled Sept 13 2012

The instructor was quietly passionate about the material, which made the course engaging through twelve 3-hour sessions. He taught with slides that were well designed and executed. He covered all of the course material and provided useful summary handouts. He knew the material well, sometimes providing alternative solutions to problems.

The curriculum is comprehensive and the study materials (12 course books) are well organized. The books consist of a Skillbuilder to do prior to class, a Lesson section that the instructor more-or-less follows in class, and then homework problems. The problems in the lesson section seemed to be higher than a 75th percentile level of difficulty and were carefully chosen to get a concept across. The homework problems are typically organized, like the GMAC Official Guide, from easier to harder. There are a good number of difficult problems to work on. Homework problems can be done online, in which case the time spent on each problem is tracked. As long as the course is, I don't feel that any time was wasted going through the course materials.

Veritas' online on-demand lesson videos are okay, although not as engaging as those taken in person. VP's practice CATs seemed to me to be about as difficult as the real GMAT. I would not agree with those who suggest that VP's CATs are more difficult, although one section or another would seem easier or harder, so it's important to take several practice CATs (or at least some of the sections).

Overall, Veritas Prep gives you everything you could need outside of your own dedication to expend the effort needed to score well on the GMAT. The course gives you many opportunities to think hard about the nature of your weaknesses and therefore how to strengthen them. The instructor and the curriculum drives home the crucial message not to mistake activity for achievement (although a lot of activity is involved!). I don't' think I could have achieved my score without the help of the Veritas Prep course.

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