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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Pasadena, CA USA
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

Prior to taking this course, I wasn't too familiar with the test and had only dabbled in self-study. After taking it - I feel like I know all the ins and outs of the test and how to score well. The Veritas Full Course is not only a great value for your money, but it gives you the necessary tools to succeed at the GMAT.

For around $1500, you get a full set of Veritas books (covering each of the topics tested on the GMAT), a 42 hour in person course, and complete access to their online site which includes 15 CATs, quizzes on each topic, and on-demand lessons for each topic. The books you get are high quality and cover each topic of the test in-depth as well as provide great practice problems for each topic that are indicative of the level of difficulty seen on the test. The online stuff is also great and the CATs are very close to the real thing in terms of question variety and scoring.

Now, about the course - it will most definitely open your eyes to the test and will give you the opportunity to master the patterns and topics tested so that you can achieve well. The best part about the course was our instructor - Ravi Sreerama. This dude was amazing! Not only is he an incredibly smart guy (just in general) but he's incredibly knowledgable about the GMAT and will give you the tools to succeed! He knows everything there is to know about the test and comes to each lecture prepared to teach you how to succeed. His teaching style was great - he gives you encouragement where needed, but also knows when to tell you to man up and be accountable when you're studying on your own (time yourself when doing practice problems!, take practice tests every week!, Review your mistakes thoroughly so you don't make the same ones!). After taking the course with Ravi - you will feel inspired, confident, and ready to succeed. He's that awesome. I'm not sure what locations he teaches at - but I'd say take the course at Pasadena if at all possible - because I know he teaches that one. He can get you that 700 score that you dream about!

What're you waiting for? Take this course!

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