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February 09 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Kevin Richardson

After taking the full day class on Saturdays in Evanston, I would highly recommend Kevin Richardson of Veritas Prep.

Veritas has a lot to offer. They offer many practice problems of every type of question you may encounter on the actual test, 15 full practice exams, a live help line each evening and a great classroom experience. Kevin was great, he spent a tremendous amount of time going over the important material in class and making sure each individual received the attention he or she deserved. Kevin has the ability to explain a concept at many different levels. He can connect with the individual shooting for a 760 just as well as the individual shooting for a 600. He helped me improve my understanding of the GMAT tremendously. I now understand how to approach the test and how to do well on the exam. Because of his ability to clearly articulate the material I was able to improve my score.

If you are preparing for the GMAT I would highly recommend you take the Veritas Prep course with Kevin.

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