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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Toronto, Canada
Taught by: Bobby Umar

Upon signing up for the course, I was impressed by immediate access to Veritas' online resources. Throughout the course, the easy to use and thorough selection of practice tests and library of class recordings proved immensely helpful. I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely heavy fedex that arrived containing the course materials.

Bobby was a fantastic instructor who struck the perfect balance of knowledge, humour, and most outstandingly - motivation. He was thorough with the lessons and quick to answer questions - whether quant or verbal. His energy and humour were critical to making the class a success, after all, this was an evening class and our group was coming from long days at the office. Bobby kept our attention and kept things moving.

Throughout the course Bobby was emphatic about ensuring we keep up with materials, create and recreate our study plans, and ultimately write the test. In this regard I believe he really went above the call of duty. I believe that I may not have written the test so soon after the course if it was not for Bobby's motivational words.

I do think it's important to point out that for one of the classes, where Bobby fell ill, we had a replacement instructor. He wasn't bad, but I definitely felt the difference in energy and proficiency between him and our regular instructor. I'd suggest sitting in on the first class before confirming the course if you want to ensure you get a great instructor.

Other details you might like to know:
- The course took place in an office in the downtown core - there was plenty of space and it was far nicer than I expected.
- Our group formed study groups outside the course and became friends, we still get together over 6 months later.
- The veritas materials are fantastic, and you can call their hotline anytime to discuss problems and get questions answered

All in all, this was worth the investment for me. It's not a trivial amount of money, but I highly recommend spending the extra dough to cover all your bases.

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