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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Dave Goldstein

I went into the whole process thinking I wanted to dedicate 2 full months of learning in class, studying on the side, and taking as many practice tests as possible - with the goal of taking the gmat once and being done. I started in the middle of winter when the snow was falling and there were less distractions associated with spring/summer/fall activities. I did the 3 hour sessions with Dave two days a week and found them to be very beneficial.

Dave is just a good person with the students best interests at heart. He is there to help in any way he can and give us the necessary skills to master the gmat. I liked the course layout of breaking down the types of disciplines (arith, geometry, reading comp, stats, etc) at the start, followed by the later sessions of piecing it all together (advanced verbal, advanced word problems, etc). This gave us the ability to see the strategies and employ them in class and on our own before we brought it together later in the course.

The time went by really fast - 2 months seems like a good chunk of time to dedicate energy to master, but in reality it goes by very fast. I'd recommend giving yourself a few weeks to a month of time after the course before taking the exam. I gave myself a week and a half and felt a little crunched at the end trying to synthesize everything I learned and apply it on practice tests. I also felt I didn't dedicate (nor did Veritas course) to the integrated reasoning or the essay. I wish I had a little more time to practice the essays, even though that is not the most important of sections on the exam.

Dave did a good job of breaking down the classes as well, starting with problems from the previous class to test our aptitude and what we remembered. He then dove into the class itself and we would do strategy, a few examples together, and then a few alone and then work through them. He always gave multiple ways to answer questions and always added takeaways for us to use more globally to answer later questions. I found this method of teaching very effective for me personally.

Overall, I'd rate the course very highly and would recommend it to others. My score improved 100 points exactly from where I was on my first dry run practice test. I also found that I am naturally more of a quantitative person but did much better on the verbal. I felt that this course is directly to credit for that increase in verbal.

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