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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Washington, DC USA
Taught by: Anthony Ritz

I just finished my Veritas GMAT Course and am very very pleased with what I paid for. The Veritas Course was extremely comprehensive and did an amazing job at breaking down each skill that was required for the test and reviewing each problem type that could possibly be tested. I was in a class that met every Saturday from 10AM to 5PM in Washington DC. The Saturday meeting time was perfect and it gave me ample time to work through the required Homework during the week.

Each lesson is basically set up in 3 sections, the skillbuilder, the lesson, and the homework. To me, the Skillbuilder is a key differentiator for Veritas. The Skillbuilder is done prior to class and basically reviews all the raw skills that are required for that days lesson. I spent a lot of time on each skillbuilder, and in doing so, I was able to take advantage of the class time more effectively and really grasp the high level concepts that my instructor was teaching. The homework also was really helpful as it was specific to the days lesson and provided more than enough GMAT problems to test your ability to implement the skills you had learned that day.

The lessons were amazing. I cannot say enough good things about the format of each lesson and the way my instructor delivered the material. If you spend a good bit of time becoming familiar with the skillbuilder concepts, the lesson will really do a good job in preparing you for advanced problems and implementing all the skills you have learned.

My instructor, Anthony Ritz, was absolutely amazing. He is very knowledgeable on the test material and takes pride in making sure each class member understands each problem type. He has an endless book of tricks that he is able to articulate in a very easy to remember way. I emailed and instant messaged him many times during the week, outside of class, and he was always quick to respond with multiple ways to look at problems that were confusing me. He always went above and beyond to ensure that everyone was clear on what was going to be tested. He always offered to stay late to review any additional problems that may be confusing.

The resources that were available through Veritas are also absolutely amazing. The books they provide breakdown all of the concepts to fine detail, and you can re-watch any of the classes on their internet which you have access to for a year. I often would re-watch parts of the lesson when I got stumped on the homework and would immediately remember the concepts that were taught. The online resources also have 10 practice tests and more questions that you could imagine broken down by each problem type and sub-type. They have a homework hotline for any additional questions that a student may have and they offer 10 practice tests and each question that is missed on the practice test has a very detailed explanation that refers back to parts of the lessons. Amazing!

I give Veritas and my instructor, Anthony Ritz, my highest possible recommendation and look forward to seeing how I perform on my exam. I feel very confident in answering all question type and am very satisfied with the service I paid for.

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