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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Toronto, Canada
Taught by: Bobby Umar

Did not know much about what to expect when I signed up for this course. Based on a short research I figured Veritas Prep will give me the most benefit in a short period of time. Just a few days later I received a box full of course books and other materials (note, headphone, pen...etc). And their website with variety of resources, practice tests, study plans...etc was done very neatly and professionally.

Our instructor Bobby was absolutely great from the start. He brought very pleasant and fun environment and also high energy to every class. He was very knowledgeable with every topic. He was very good.

Overall it's a great course but having classes on Monday then on Wednesday was little stressful. Perhaps Monday and Thursday would be better. Also 3 hour class was not short but for many times it was not enough to fully cover the material in detail. But it is not fair to complain about that since there just are a lot of materials.

I highly recommend this course.
Lots of strategies, great book, great resources, numerous practice tests, and fantastic instructor.

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