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Great Class
October 18 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Kevin Richardson

This was an excellent class. The instructor Kevin did a great job breaking down the material in many different ways. This class started with the absolute basics of arithmatic and verbal so regardless of the level the student is, the class will cover everything you need to know. This was helpful to me because I am so far removed from all schooling. Kevin, the instructor, was very accommodating of everyone's academic level but challenged students at the same time. If you do the homework and come to the class prepared with questions about what you are struggling with, there is no reason not to do well on the GMAT with this instructor. Kevin keeps the class attention very easily and relates the material to real world situations which creates and easy understanding. He gives plenty of instruction on how to take the test and strategies on taking the test that will be very useful.

Kevin will point out what he thinks your strengths and weaknesses are. There is not much substance here and is mostly basing it off of your profession. If English is your second language, he will most likely tell you that you will be great at math even if you struggle with it.

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