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Worth it.
October 21 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Washington, DC USA
Taught by: Anthony Ritz

About the Teacher:
A good man. The teacher was amusing and definitely knew what he was talking about. A bit socially awkward, but that's what made him funny.

The course:
The pace of the course is obviously fast paced, covering 12 full books in 6 weeks. I took a practice test in week 5 and my score jumped 70 points, and I hadn't even warmed up with a little review session beforehand. After researching, I found Veritas to be more fully equipped with a plethora of information, how-to videos, practice tests, and online live sessions 7-10pm. They have formatted it where you have easier problems before class, then you get the lesson with more problems in class, and then you have harder homework problems after class.

Long story short, they teach you how to think like the testmaker so you can recognize traps, and even to recognize the answers without having to do the problem.

If you want fundamentals taught to you, don't take this course. Take the online version instead.

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