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Excellent GMAT prep course
December 18 | 2013
     By Anonymous 9 8
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Washington, DC USA
Taught by: Anthony Ritz

I took Veritas classes twice (2nd time was free) and was very happy with the course. I highly recommend my instructor Anthony who is absolutely brilliant and really cares about the progress of all the students in class. It's amazing how he always knows about your individual progress and is always ready to stay back a few minutes after class to help. He is very comfortable with the GMAT content and very patient when it comes to teaching, he does not mind repeating an explanation even 4 times if you don't get it. I would swap my brains with his for the GMAT if I could!

I retook the classes to go over the problem areas I had identified and I feel much more confident about the GMAT. The online tests and question banks are a great resource and I like the fact that Veritas keeps updating their web content. The classes taught me to look at GMAT problems with a completely different outlook and regardless of how my next test goes I think Veritas and Anthony have done a brilliant job with the course and the teaching methodology.

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