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July 06 | 2012
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Location: Online
Taught by: Matt Douglas

Veritas Prep has blown me away! They were hands down the best option for my GMAT prep. I researched so many other prep courses, and even went to a couple Kaplan live classes to see what they had to offer. Veritas was the best. Everyone I interacted with online or via the phone was professional, courteous, and very helpful.

Matt Douglas is the King of Prep courses! If you want to take a Prep course, take it with Matt! He knows his stuff and he keeps it interesting. He genuinely cares and wants you to do well. Its rare to find people that do it for more than a paycheck. Matt does it because he wants you to do well, he wants to help you succeed.

The books and question sets were great, the books all being split up into one book per class was very helpful, and the iPhone/iPad app was the cherry on top. If you are looking to take a Prep class, go to Veritas. You will not be disappointed! Veritas is great, you can do a retake of the class for free, which I am going to do very soon just to hone in and perfect my skills before I take the test. Thank you Veritas!

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