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Just What I Needed
October 13 | 2012
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Location: Online
Taught by: David Newland

Taking the class online worked very well with my schedule. My teacher was very thorough and effective.

I watched the "On Demand" lessons in addition to the live online lectures. Although these recorded lectures were thorough, I am glad that I purchased the Full Course with the live lectures.

I was in the military, and over those four years I forgot much of what is tested on the GMAT. Unfortunately, I went and took the GMAT almost completely unprepared. I enrolled in the Full Course of Veritas a month later in order to better guide my study schedule. After completion of the live lectures, I watched the On Demand lectures and worked through the workbooks for practice. I took the GMAT a second time less than a month after finishing the live lectures, scoring 90 points (29 percentile) higher.

I would highly recommend the Full Course of Veritas to anyone preparing for the GMAT.

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