June 25, 2013

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor David Newland

Location Online

Overall, I am very happy with the the Veritas Prep online course. The course helped me with the Quant section, especially, since there are more concrete applications/ learning tools for Quant than for the Verbal section.

There are a ton of valuable resources, ranging from the live courses to the numerous homework problems, 12 in-depth books, quizzes for each topic, practice tests, videos of previous courses, David Newland's website with great articles ( etc. It's great having explanations for all questions, both in practice problems and practice tests, so that anyone can really learn from mistakes.

My score went up by more than 100 points when I took the official GMAT post-course. I believe I could improve the score even more if I choose to take it again, but my score is within range of what I was hoping for. It's important that whoever chooses to take this course is ready to put in the time to take advantage of all these resources (just attending the classes will not magically improve your score). The more time you give yourself to study (12 weeks seems ideal; the 6 weeks I had were crunched), the more you can pace your studies without having to detract from other things in life. I have no idea how the Veritas course compares to other programs out there, but I do recommend the Veritas prep course for anyone willing to put in the time (and financial investment) to improve one's score.

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