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August 25 | 2014
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Location: Online
Taught by: Steve Odabashian

The Veritas Prep Live Online Course was the perfect combination of convenience and challenge that I have been striving to obtain. My specific class only had at most four students and at times only two so that almost one on one attention was very attainable with this course. Not only was the teacher great at explaining problems he also made sure we would understood them by getting our consent. He also stayed later for a bit after class just in case we had any questions. I really felt as though he cared and always gave his honest opinion and feedback. The way they mix up the classes are great too because one class will be dedicated to quant while the next class will be dedicated to verbal. The way that they transcend from one to another really builds upon what you've learned from the previous class and makes perfect sense.

The tools that are also provided on the website are such a great help and provide the perfect practice problems with detailed solutions that always help me to understand how to solve any specific problems. The best part is that if you still don't understand the problem you are able to email homework help and they always email you back within a reasonable amount of time with the best explanations. You are given year to have full access to the website and Im am sad to say that my year will be up in about three months. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help in quant, verbal, or both!

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