October 08, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I recently completed the Veritas online course taught by Ravi Sreerama.The structure of the course was excellent, and Ravi was beyond amazing. The class covers 12 important topics, there's lots of homework available, 10 practice tests, and lesson videos available for you to review at any time. I absolutely loved the Skill Builder part on each topic, especially for the quant part. It laterally explains math to you like you've never seen it before, lol, and that was exactly the kind of review I needed. Before enrolling in this class I did my research and I was a bit skeptical about the great reviews posted about Veritasprep. But now, after taking the class, I am convinced that the five star reviews are a hundred percent accurate. Honestly I was hoping to get 50 points improvement for the most, since that was what most reviews say about Gmat prep courses .Well… I took the real Gmat yesterday and my score was 200 points higher than the score of the first official Gmat test I took, for which I studied on my own (big mistake).

What I learned from this course and from Ravi is that if you are dedicated to the process and you put the work in, you WILL see positive results. If you think that people who score high on the Gmat are simply not the average people or they are smarter than YOU, think again! Scoring high on the Gmat it’s totally doable, and great courses like the Veritasprep course and instructors like Ravi are there to help you make it.

I’m glad I took this class and I highly recommend Veritas and Ravi for your GMAT preparation.

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