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Ravi Sreerama is the best


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

So I attended a live online course at Veritas Prep with Ravi Sreerama from 9 September to 18 October 2015.
First, I must mention that I am Nigerian and also attended all my online classes from Nigeria where a steady and reliable internet is not a given. I, eventually, was able to get a moderate internet supply and was able to attend these classes. I am quite surprised at how Veritas made this so easy that it seems like I was part of the physical class by the use of side chats with Brigidette, follow up chats with Ravi during breaks and polls during classes.
Secondly, I was privileged to be tutored by The best; Ravi Sreerama. I know he's the best because I have interacted with a couple of tutors, had another tutor stand in for him on Word Problems, and have also attended some classes such that I can easily stack them against each other. He has this uncanny ability to break problems down, make them look simple and also get you thinking in a particular way; thinking more like the test maker. In his words, 'if you can't spot the sucker answer, you just picked it', 'fractions are friendly, decimals are deadly', 'sometimes, you just need to dump it down', 'always use the reward chart to validate your answers'... He is gifted and maybe, you don't want to be tutored by someone else. He follows up on his students during the week, tries to understand areas where one is struggling during class and off the class, and also motivates you to push your limits. Veritas is lucky to have him.
Thirdly, Veritas has a structure or method of learning coupled with materials that ensures you have the fundamentals, hone your skills, and master the test. So from Skillbuilders to classes with Ravi, to homeworks, on-demand courses, practice tests, online tutors to respond to questions and help you out with difficult problems etc, you are well equipped to score in the 90th percentile. You shouldn't miss it.
I am well equipped to succeed in my upcoming exam next month. At the moment, I comfortably score above 700.

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