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Worth the Money


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

While I initially signed up for the in person course, it was cancelled due to the lack of registrants.

They gave me a ~$200 discount and signed me up for the online course. I was fortunate after all, as the logistics of leaving work in Phoenix then driving to Tempe would of been a bit of a hassle in the middle of what would be an 11+ hour day.

The biggest improvement I found was the skill builders in the guides. Do them every time. Do them before the test too. They are simple and will not rack your brain but they will reinforce the concepts that you NEED to know in order to do well in the tests.

Ravi was a great proctor. Fun, but stern with his insistence of getting the answers correct because you know the formula of how to do it successfully within frame of how you need to go about answering questions on the GMAT. Not because you guessed it or used a method that won't help you for the actual GMAT questions.

The walk-through videos, as well as the ability to comment and ask questions about the homework was critically important as well.

While I improved on everything including my Quant score, my IR score went from a 4 to a perfect 8.

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