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Ravi Sreerama - A 5 Star GMAT Tutor


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

Ravi truly changed the way that I think about the GMAT exam. This guy really knows his stuff and accordingly he will direct your thinking along a path to make the exam considerably less daunting and towards the score that you need.

I used to shiver at the thought of the GMAT, an exam that I postponed for over 3 years just because I deemed it to be too difficult. After hesitantly wising-up, I came across Ravi and decided to join his online classes. Boy was I glad to have done so! Ravi managed to show me exactly what the GMAT was testing, by aptly breaking down the sections and expanding upon the extent of what the GMAT actually examines. Whilst we would go through a number of questions to build a foundation, Ravi ensured that his students truly 'think like the testmaker' and go well beyond the core GMAT content. Ravi showed me exactly how one should go about studying for the GMAT, and that was exactly what the doctor ordered! He emphasised heavily on reflection and made sure that I learnt from all of my mistakes. He's a tough tutor but righteously so - the GMAT is not a forgiving exam! Accordingly, I made sure to always be on target and always give my best shot! Despite the vast number of students he teaches at any one time, Ravi made sure to give me one-on-one attention during and out of class. He has been an absolute rock during the difficult times and I owe it to him for all the success.

It is safe to say that I no longer fear the GMAT as I am now able to see through its 'trickery', because Ravi manages to show his students the pattern of questions that come up in the exam. As a result, Ravi opened my eyes not only to the GMAT itself, but to the way I approached learning and studying as a whole. These lessons will certainly echo well into the future, particularly when I start at B-school. Such teaching is one-in-a-million and I'm truly blessed to have been taught by Ravi Sreerama - a 5-star GMAT tutor!

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