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Chris is great
January 20 | 2017
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Location: Online
Taught by: Chris Kane

Veritas approaches the GMAT like the test is a puzzle to solve. The live online class was very interactive. I felt compelled to participate and my instructor, Chris, kept everyone in our class engaged.

Veritas's class materials are plentiful and extremely useful. I preferred taking their practice tests over those from the official guide because Veritas's answer explanations are much easier to understand.

After the live online class was completed, I was able to email my instructor directly to ask for advice on strategies to prepare. About a week after the class, I took the exam and that was a little too soon after, but I was able to use that score as an assessment of where I needed to practice more and improve. After another few weeks, I was able to improve my score by another 50 points. The total score improvement from before taking the Veritas course was 70 points.

I would recommend this class to anyone looking to take the GMAT and improve their score.

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