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Great Experience with Ravi
March 29 | 2017
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Location: Online
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

I decided to take the Veritas Online prep course with Ravi Sreerama in order to prepare myself for the GMAT. My location did not allow me to attend an in-person class, so I decided to take the online course instead. This was a fantastic decision because I was able to get the in-class feel while studying online at home.

Ravi Sreerama was my instructor and was fantastic. He keeps the class engaged and motivated with his down to earth personality. He teaches brilliant tactics to truly be a 99'er (99th percentile) week after week. The Veritas course design is great, but he was what really made the difference. I looked forward to attending his class on the weekends which kept me engaged throughout the 6 week journey. Ravi is a no BS kinda guy who demands perfection from his students. Taking his class has taught me to constantly look for shortcuts and think like the test maker. While many other teachers may teach the same material, Ravi really drove it home to me because of his personality and teaching method. It was easy to follow along even during the dreaded sentence correction section.

Many thanks to Ravi for the experience!

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