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VeritasPrep Live Online Course - Chris Kane


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Chris Kane

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I completed VeritasPrep's Full Course Live Online with Chris Kane about 4 months ago. First and foremost, Chris is a fantastic teacher and helped me immensely in my preparations. A little background about me, I'm a Naval Aviator looking to transition out of the military next year and roll right into a MBA program. I graduated from the Naval Academy in 2009. I determined about a year ago that I wanted to transition out of the military but was pretty unsure with what I wanted to do. After finally weighing a lot of my options I decided to go down this MBA road.

Initially I purchased all of the GMAT Official Guide books and just started churning away at problems. I quickly realize I didn't know crap and wasn't making much progress... I hadn't been in school for almost 8 years and was horrified with how much I had forgotten. Everything from simple number properties to algebra to reading comprehension. I honestly started to doubt whether I would even be able to learn all of this information again and be able to score well on the GMAT. After talking to a couple of friends who were in the same boat I was recommended just to sign up for any prep program. I researched them and settled on Veritas Prep. Let's be clear though, this isn't a program where you can just go to the class in person or live and expect much improvement. That will help somewhat but it's a matter of taking what you're learning in each lesson and applying it to all of the homework problems to further cement the given topics. From there you can figure out where you're weak and adjust your studying prioritize to maximize your learning. Unfortunately I don't live near any in-class programs and elected for the Live Online. Overall I found the Live Online class to exactly what I needed. The overall syllabus will start with more of the basic concepts of each topic and transition to the advanced topics. Chris kept the classes very interactive and was able to portray all of the learning objectives clearly and concisely. I seriously only have praise for how Chris taught the class and especially the study plan he laid out after the completion of the test. Overall the course structure and work-load weren't terrible while working full-time in the Navy. I definitely wasn't able to initially keep up with all of the homework problems but that's completely okay with the structure of the class. Once the class is complete Chris provided a rough study plan that includes going back and completing all of the homework problems.
In conclusion, I highly recommend the VeritasPrep Live Online Class with Chris Kane. It was about a 6 month preparation process for me, primarily due to work taking up a lot of my time, but I went from a high 500 score on the practice test to getting a 710 on my GMAT on the first attempt. My quant score wasn't great and I may end up studying for another month with just heavily focusing on the quant-side of the house but am still very satisfied with everything overall.

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