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Location: Online
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

I took Ravi's live online course, and it was the best decision I ever made. First off, the live online format is AWESOME. I was initially worried that it wouldn't feel as engaging or I might not have an opportunity to ask questions, but that is definitely not the case. Class was always dynamic, and the online environment actually ADDED to the experience because we would answer poll questions from which Ravi could actually glean insights on how the class was doing, what we were thinking, and how each individual was performing. He would speak to that in real time + tailor his teaching around it. I really mean that - like, for instance, I ask a question using the main chat box thing, Ravi responds live on camera, addresses me by name, AND he knows whether or not I got the last problem correct (I assume he has a student dash always in view), so he can weave that into his reply as needed. The added bonus? The live online classes are recorded + available to watch again, which is a gamechanger. I watched all quant lessons over in advance of my exam to make sure I had the concepts solidified.

Ravi is a phenomenal instructor. I should note that I actually took my first GMAT exam before my class was actually over, so that should give you a sense of how impactful his teaching and framework were for me. I was able to hit the 700 mark within weeks of beginning serious study, and I definitely plan on taking the exam again (once my class is over this time). Ravi's drills home a "99th percentile or bust" mentality for ALL his students which is incredibly motivating. He does not sugarcoat, he provides tough love, and he is probably not for everyone. He's for serious students (with a sense of humor ;) who can stand to take some fair punches in service of their learning, growth, and development. He really tells it like it is and gives concrete tips + strategies on how to beat the test.

It was the Ravi mindset and smart strategies that helped me more than the review of the content. I'm generally "good at learning" - I can learn content from books or really from any instructor. The things Ravi brings to the table are way more valuable - things like teaching you HOW to guess, shortcuts to beat the timer, HOW to react when you get problems wrong + why takeaways are important, etc.

Despite having a bazillion students, Ravi was also always available to give advice + help his students. I hit a roadblock mid-way through my studies, so I private messaged him during class. He was immediately able to guess what I was doing wrong and "unstuck" me within a matter of minutes. He's that good.

I should also note that I have all the Manhattan Prep books and The Official GMAT guides, and the Veritas material/structure is my favorite. The course is smart, designed for speed + efficiency, and spunky if you pick an instructor like Ravi.

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