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Veritas Prep Advanced GMAT Live Online Class


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Brian Galvin

Location Online

My journey took me from a 630 last December to a 670 in May and finally to a 700 this past weekend after taking the Veritas Prep live online Advanced GMAT class.

The live online class and the Veritas Prep resources including on-demand videos, skill builders, and homework really helped me get over that 700 threshold. If you are scoring 650+ and hope to reach 700+, I definitely recommend Veritas Prep's advanced course.

The live online class itself is taught by Brian Galvin, who is such a great instructor. I watched some of his GMAT YouTube videos before signing up for the class to make sure I liked his teaching style (which I certainly did), so check those out if you are weary. I assure you that he will not disappoint! The advanced class was 2 nights a week for four weeks, and I took the GMAT 3 days after the class ended. However, they recommend that you schedule your GMAT for about 3 weeks after the last class so that you have adequate time to review and prepare.

My advice for using Veritas Prep is to get involved in the class, do the homework, keep an error log to understand why you're getting questions wrong, and take advantage of all of the Veritas Prep resources. I certainly found all of these resources helpful in addition to the class, and I recommend other students to "do their homework" before each live lesson by reviewing these resources before each class. This helped me truly understand the material so that the live lessons could serve as an advanced review and strategy session. Best of luck!

Overall: 670 --> 700
Quant: 43 --> 47
Verbal: 40 --> 39
IR: 6 --> 7

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