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Aaron Pond & Veritas Prep are incredible!


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Aaron Pond

Location Online

I highly recommend signing up for a GMAT Prep course at Veritas Prep with Aaron Pond as your instructor! The Veritas Prep program is incredible. They give you both paper and electronic copies of your books. The curriculum is extremely thorough. They give you plenty of practice tests, daily help hours at convenient times, and a great six week program of online courses to prep for the GMAT. The online classes are great. Although I was hesitant of the format, you truly feel like you’re in a real classroom. Each virtual classroom also includes a group chat so you can chat with other students and the instructor. The instructor will often ask questions to the class and you can type in your response. They see how you are performing, which is great for them recommending how you might get extra help on a certain topic.

Before signing up for the course, I did a lot of research on which instructor I wanted. Finally, I decided on Aaron Pond. Best decision I have EVER made! I highly recommend Aaron Pond! He is undoubtedly one of the best teachers I have ever had in my entire life. First of all, he spent hundreds of hours creating a “GMAT Cheat Sheet” that is over 30 pages long and includes every single bit of information that is covered on the exam. In addition, the cheat sheet includes Aaron’s problem categorizations of different topics discussed throughout the course. If you struggle with a certain topic such as “Ratios”, you can easily find Aaron’s categorization of every single ‘ratio’ problem in the Veritas Prep books. I highly suggest you laminate and bind this cheat sheet immediately. (FYI Aaron only gives these cheat sheets to his students. My brother took a GMAT prep course with a different instructor, and he was extremely jealous of my cheat sheets and bummed that he didn’t get any.) I also recommend that you bind the cheat sheet on single-sided paper. I wrote a lot of extra notes on the empty pages. This really helped me out with studying.

Since Aaron is also a teacher outside of Veritas, he truly knows how to engage students in a meaningful way. Quant is not my strong point, and I have never really enjoyed math. Yet during Aaron’s online classes, he actually had me laughing out loud during the Quant sections on a regular basis! Aaron explains some concepts in a way that is so obnoxious yet memorable, so you are sure to never forget the concept on the actual GMAT. Aaron also gives great tips for studying after the end of class in addition to dozens of tips about successfully applying to business schools. Aaron makes himself available to his students well beyond the end of the course, and he is truly your ally in the GMAT/MBA application process. He had the perfect words of encouragement when I was struggling with my practice exams. Once I took the actual GMAT, I reached my goal score that was over 90 points higher than the score I thought I could achieve. Ironically, the actual GMAT felt much easier than the Veritas Prep practice exams. Trust me, you WANT to be surprised this way on exam day. Even after the exam, Aaron has been such a huge help in discussing different business school opportunities with me. He truly wants every one of his students to succeed well beyond the GMAT prep classroom.

Finally, I can’t say enough good things about Jeff Yin, my teaching assistant at Veritas Prep. He was invaluable in answering many of my questions on the side during class. Jeff was so patient at explaining difficult Quant topics in greater detail to me. He would also stay 45 minutes after each virtual class to help me with specific homework problems that I was struggling with. Jeff also runs the “homework help” hours on Mondays and Fridays, so I highly recommend you attend help hours on those days.

Honestly just go sign up for a Veritas Prep GMAT class with Aaron Pond – it will the best decision you ever make.

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