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Travis Morgan's class is the fastest way to improve score


Improvement 130 Points

Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Travis Morgan

Location Online

After a long day at work, Travis' class was so enjoyable that I looked forward to it every day. His specific tips such as spending too much time on reading the passage but understanding the overall structure and content of a passage helped me improve my speed and accuracy on RC questions. Also, his CAP method of writing the conclusion, premises and then prethinking the assumptions and SWIM method of categorizing CR questions before moving to the options really helped me eliminate 3 options right away, saving a lot of time on CR. Using IMPACTS method in SC questions was very helpful. During private tutoring with him he gave me some great tips such as slowing down on SC questions whenever you come across a pronoun. Additionally, the private tutoring hours available every day really helped a lot. I really liked the skillbuilder videos and lesson videos as a way to reinforce the concepts learned during the class. All of this along with practicing a lot of OG questions helped me improve my score from 600 to 730. The only thing that I wish Veritas would have done differently was giving the option of allowing the students to speak and ask questions during the live online class because my expectation was that I would be able to speak with the instructor in live class instead of typing my questions.

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