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Anthony and Veritas got me from a 710 to a 760


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Anthony Ritz

Location Online

Anthony is an absolute Rockstar. He is incredibly intelligent, but also incredibly humble. He roots for his students to do well. Even when we did not do the homework, even when we are being uncooperative or not answering questions. He never forgets that he is there for you. Apart from that, class is just really really fun. I was worried when I saw that classes were 3 hours long but frankly they did not feel like it. I was energized and excited the entire time and when it ended I was always a little disappointed they were over. A lot of the class is either working through problems alone or as a group so after you learn a concept you immediately get the opportunity to see what that concept looks like in a test setting. You also get a lot of opportunities to answer impromptu questions Anthony gives to the class to make sure you are thinking about concepts correctly. (This is a little awkward because you have to type in your answer so even if you know it fairly quickly, there is always a weird pause before answers start to arrive but it's really fine.)
The other reason the time is not an issue is because the class is structured very well so that every minute is utilized to teach you something important. You are always learning something: some interesting, creative way that you are fully convinced is going to help you ace your exam.
The last thing I want to say is that the system works. I went into the class with a 710 in the bank. I was in class with people who were starting as low as in the 400's, and Anthony managed to help them a lot and also helped me get my score up to a 760. Wherever you are starting, they can help you do even better. Thank you Anthony.

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